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Unique information of About Dry Grasses (2023)

About Dry Grasses (2023), the latest offering from Turkish auteur Nuri Bilge Ceylan, is not just a film, it’s an atmospheric tapestry woven with existential ponderings, nuanced human portraits, and a masterfully captured Anatolian landscape. To truly appreciate its richness, let’s delve deeper than the surface.

About Dry Grasses (2023)

Beyond the Synopsis:

While the basic story follows Samet, a jaded art teacher trapped in a remote Anatolian village, longing for his escape to Istanbul, there’s so much more simmering beneath. It’s a character study of unfulfilled desires, unspoken anxieties, and the crushing weight of isolation. We witness Samet’s world shrink as a false accusation engulfs him, his relationships fragment, and the desolate terrain mirrors his inner turmoil.

Ceylan’s Signature Style:

The film pulsates with Ceylan’s signature long takes, immersing us in the characters’ silences and gestures. The camera lingers on faces etched with unspoken emotions, and the vast, often harsh Anatolian landscape becomes a character itself, reflecting the characters’ internal storms. The stark, muted palette underscores the bleakness of their situation, while moments of breathtaking beauty offer glimpses of hope amidst the aridity.

The Power of Nuance:

Ceylan masterfully avoids clear-cut heroes and villains. Samet is flawed, his desperation leading to questionable actions. Nuray, his colleague and potential solace, harbors her own complexities. The villagers, initially distrustful, reveal hidden depths. This ambiguity challenges us to confront uncomfortable truths about human nature and societal dynamics.

More than Just a Turkish Film:

While rooted in Turkish society, the film’s themes resonate universally. The isolation, the yearning for a better life, the struggle for agency – these are experiences shared by individuals across cultures and geographical boundaries. About Dry Grasses compels us to reflect on our own choices, desires, and the weight of the world on our shoulders.

Beyond the Awards:

Despite critical acclaim, including Merve Dizdar’s Best Actress award at Cannes and Turkey’s Oscar submission, About Dry Grasses is not merely a crowd-pleaser. It’s a slow-burning film that demands patience and active engagement. Its rewards lie in the subtle details, the unspoken dialogues, and the lingering questions it leaves behind.

A Cinematic Feast:

This is not a film to be quickly consumed and discarded. It’s a cinematic feast that invites multiple viewings, each revealing new layers of meaning and emotional resonance. About Dry Grasses lingers long after the credits roll, its characters and their struggles haunting our thoughts and prompting us to re-examine our own place in the world.

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  • Research the social and cultural context of Anatolia, gaining a deeper understanding of the characters’ environment.
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About Dry Grasses: A Plot Unfurling Like Arid Winds

Instead of a straightforward plot summary, let’s explore the unique nuances of About Dry Grasses’ central conflicts:

Samet’s Dance on Shifting Sands:

  • Trapped in an Anatolian purgatory, Samet, an art teacher, yearns for the vibrancy of Istanbul. This longing defines his every action, fueling his desperation and shaping his relationships.
  • Accused of inappropriate behaviour, the once-confident Samet is cast into social and emotional exile. His carefully constructed self-image crumbles, leaving him grappling with vulnerability and uncertainty.
  • Nuray, a fiery amputee teacher, enters his desolate world, offering a glimmer of connection and challenging his preconceived notions. Their budding relationship is tinged with distrust and a struggle for power, forcing Samet to confront his own flaws.
  • The director of About Dry Grasses (2023) is the renowned Turkish filmmaker, Nuri Bilge Ceylan.

About Dry Grasses (2023)

Beneath the Surface: Shifting Loyalties and Unvoiced Desires

  • Kenan, Samet’s colleague, faces similar accusations, but reacts differently, revealing the fragility of their friendship and the complex dynamics of their shared isolation.
  • The villagers, initially suspicious, become both enablers and victims of the accusations, highlighting the insidious nature of gossip and societal pressures.
  • The stark Anatolian landscape mirrors the characters’ inner turmoil, its barrenness reflecting their desperation and the vastness of their unfulfilled dreams you can also use my animal (2023)

More than Just a Plot:

The film’s true power lies in its exploration of:

  • Existential angst: The suffocating weight of unfulfilled desires and the fear of a life trapped in the wrong place.
  • Moral ambiguity: Characters, including Samet, are neither heroes nor villains, their actions driven by motivations both selfish and sympathetic.
  • The fragility of human connection: In isolation, relationships become battlegrounds for power and mistrust, yet offer the possibility of solace and redemption.

Cost: Unveiling the Hidden Price

The film’s budget remains undisclosed, likely falling within the typical range for independent arthouse productions. However, the true cost lies beyond monetary figures:

About Dry Grasses (2023)

  • Emotional toll: The characters’ struggles leave an indelible mark on the viewer, forcing us to confront uncomfortable truths about ourselves and the world.
  • Challenged expectations: This is not a conventional film with neat resolutions. Viewers must actively engage, interpret, and grapple with its open-ended questions.
  • A lingering impact: About Dry Grasses is not easily forgotten. Its haunting beauty and complex human drama stay with you long after the credits roll, prompting introspection and dialogue

Behind the Barren Beauty: A Look into the Production of About Dry Grasses (2023)

Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s About Dry Grasses is a masterfully crafted film, and its production journey is as intriguing as the final product. Let’s dive into some key aspects:

Conception and Collaboration:

  • Ceylan wrote the screenplay alongside his wife Ebru Ceylan and Akın Aksu, drawing inspiration from personal experiences and observations of life in rural Anatolia.
  • The film marks Ceylan’s fifth collaboration with director of photography Gökhan Tiryaki, their well-established partnership evident in the film’s stunning visuals.

Capturing the Anatolian Soul:

  • Filming took place over five weeks in remote locations across Eastern Anatolia, including the historical site of Nemrut and the breathtaking Asagi Incesu village.
  • The harsh yet majestic landscape became an integral character, mirroring the emotional desolation and simmering tensions faced by the protagonists.

Casting Choices and Collaborative Spirit:

  • Ceylan’s cast is a blend of seasoned actors and newcomers, with Deniz Celiloğlu delivering a nuanced performance as Samet and Merve Dizdar earning a Best Actress award at Cannes for her role as Nuray.
  • Ceylan fosters a collaborative atmosphere on set, allowing actors to contribute their interpretations and shape their characters organically.

Ceylan’s Signature Style:

  • Long takes, a hallmark of Ceylan’s filmmaking, are employed to immerse viewers in the characters’ silences and unspoken emotions.
  • Minimalist dialogue and subtle expressions leave room for interpretation, making the audience active participants in the storytelling.

Challenges and Triumphs:

  • Filming in such remote locations presented logistical challenges, but the crew’s dedication and Ceylan’s meticulous planning ensured a smooth production.
  • The film’s world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival received critical acclaim, solidifying Ceylan’s position as one of contemporary cinema’s most celebrated auteurs.

Production Beyond the Credits:

  • The film’s success extends beyond the silver screen, sparking discussions about social issues like isolation, societal pressures, and the complexities of human relationships.
  • Its visual beauty and artistic merit have garnered praise from critics and audiences worldwide, further establishing Ceylan’s cinematic vision.


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