And Then Come the Nightjars (2023) – Torrent

Unique information of And Then Come the Nightjars (2023) movie

Focus on a specific bird species:  And Then Come the Nightjars (2023) – Torrent film revolves around the arrival of nightjars, migratory birds facing threats to their habitat. This specific focus on a lesser-known bird species adds a unique element to the environmental themes often explored in films.

Unlikely friendship: The central relationship between a jaded farmer and a dedicated vet forms an unusual bond, offering a heartwarming and unexpected dynamic.

Adaptation of a stage play: The film’s origin as a multi-award-winning stage play allows for a potentially intimate and character-driven narrative, potentially translating well to the screen with its focus on dialogue and emotional nuances.

Setting in Devon, England: The film’s rural setting in Devon, England, provides a distinct backdrop that contrasts with the fast-paced urban narratives often seen in movies.

Exploration of grief and loss: The film might delve into themes of grief and loss, adding emotional depth to the characters’ journeys and motivations

Critical Reception

  • The film received generally positive reviews, with critics praising the performances of the lead actors, Nigel Hastings and David Fielder, and the emotional depth of the story.
  • Some reviewers commended the film’s ability to capture the beauty of the rural English landscape and the plight of endangered bird species.
  • Others noted the film’s slow pace and lack of dramatic conflict, suggesting it might not appeal to viewers seeking a fast-paced or action-packed story.


  • Beyond the mentioned themes of friendship, facing challenges, and finding purpose, the film also explores themes of:
    • Loss and grief: The characters grapple with personal losses and the emotional repercussions of difficult choices.
    • Community and connection: The film emphasizes the importance of human connection and the support found within communities, especially in rural areas facing challenges.
    • Man vs. nature: The film subtly touches upon the conflict between human actions and the delicate balance of the natural world.

And Then Come the Nightjars (2023) - Torrent


Setting the Scene:

  • The film takes place in the rural English countryside, specifically in Devon.
  • The narrative unfolds against the backdrop of the 2001 foot and mouth outbreak, a devastating event that impacted the farming community and animal population.


  • Michael: A jaded and emotionally burdened farmer struggling to cope with the impending loss of his livestock due to government regulations related to the outbreak.
  • Jeffrey: A dedicated and compassionate vet tasked with carrying out the culling of Michael’s herd, adhering to government protocols.

The Unlikely Bond:

  • When Jeffrey arrives at Michael’s farm to execute the culling, a tense confrontation ensues. However, as they interact and engage in conversations, an unexpected connection begins to form.
  • Through their dialogues, the film explores the emotional toll of the crisis on both characters. Michael grapples with the loss of his livelihood and the deep bond he shares with his animals, while Jeffrey faces the ethical dilemma of his duty and the emotional weight of his task.

Themes and Exploration

  • The film delves into themes of:
    • Friendship: The unlikely bond between Michael and Jeffrey, despite their opposing perspectives, showcases the power of human connection and understanding.
    • Loss and grief: Both characters navigate personal losses and the emotional struggle of letting go.
    • Facing challenges: The film portrays the resilience and determination of individuals confronting difficult situations and adapting to unforeseen circumstances.
    • Man vs. nature: The narrative subtly touches upon the complex relationship between humanity and the natural world, highlighting the consequences of human intervention in ecological balance.

Resolution and Beyond:

  • The film explores how the characters navigate their evolving relationship and the emotional complexities arising from the situation.
  • The ending leaves room for interpretation, prompting viewers to ponder the lasting impact of the experience and the potential for personal growth amidst challenging circumstances you can also use my animal (2023)


Limited Theatrical Release: The film had a limited theatrical release, suggesting a smaller budget compared to major studio productions with wider distribution.

Rural Setting and Minimal Cast: Filming primarily in rural locations with a relatively small cast likely kept costs down compared to elaborate sets, extensive special effects, or large crew sizes.

Independent Production: As a British independent production, the film likely relied on private investors, crowdfunding, or grants, potentially limiting the overall budget compared to films backed by major studios.

  • Production company website or social media: The production company, Finite Films & TV, might share behind-the-scenes information or production stills on their website or social media channels. These could potentially hint at the scale of the production.
  • Industry publications or reports: Occasionally, industry publications or analyst reports might offer estimations or educated guesses about production costs based on various factors. However, these are often speculative and should be treated with caution.

And Then Come the Nightjars (2023) - Torrent


Production Company:

  • Finite Films & TV


  • Paul Robinson

Country of Origin:

  • United Kingdom

Release Date:

  • September 1, 2023 (United Kingdom)

Filming Locations:

  • Primarily Devon, England (rural setting)


  • Exact amount unknown, likely falls on the lower end compared to major films due to its independent nature and limited release.

Production Process (Potential Stages)

  • Script Development: Adapting the award-winning stage play by Bea Roberts into a screenplay likely involved collaboration between the writer, director, and producers.
  • Pre-Production: Securing funding, casting actors, scouting filming locations, assembling the crew, and finalizing logistics would have been crucial steps in this phase.
  • Filming: Shooting the film primarily in rural Devon with a relatively small cast and crew would have taken place during this stage.
  • Post-Production: Editing the footage, composing music, sound design, and visual effects (if any) would have been completed in this stage.

Possible Challenges:

  • Limited Budget: Working with a potentially smaller budget might have necessitated creative solutions for filming, set design, and visual effects.
  • Adapting a Stage Play: Transitioning the narrative from a theatrical setting to film effectively while retaining its emotional core and character nuances could have presented challenges.
  • Capturing Rural Authenticity: Filming in rural locations and accurately portraying the specific environment might have required careful planning and collaboration with local communities.

Limited Resources:

  • Compared to high-budget productions, “And Then Come the Nightjars” likely had limited resources at its disposal. This could have involved relying on smaller crews, efficient production techniques, and potentially utilizing readily available locations instead of elaborate sets.



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