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Unique information of Camp Hideout (2023)  movie

Genre blend: Camp Hideout (2023) – Download Torrent film combines elements of coming-of-age comedy with a suspenseful thriller aspect, creating a unique blend of humor and tension. This unexpected mix can surprise viewers and keep them engaged.

Nostalgic appeal: The film taps into the nostalgia associated with summer camps, evoking memories of childhood friendships, outdoor activities, and first crushes. This can resonate with viewers who have fond memories of their own camp experiences.

Underrated performances: Despite mixed critical reception, some reviewers have praised the performances of the young cast, particularly Ethan Drew as Noah and Corbin Bleu as Jake. Highlighting these positive aspects can offer a more balanced perspective.

Limited release and reception

The film had a limited theatrical release and may not have garnered widespread attention. Discussing the challenges of independent films gaining traction compared to larger productions can spark conversation about accessibility and representation in cinema.

Comparisons to other coming-of-age films: Drawing comparisons to similar films like “The Goonies” or “Home Alone” can provide context for “Camp Hideout’s” place within the genre and highlight its unique elements, such as the summer camp setting and the focus on teamwork against villains.

Family-friendly entertainment: While the film features mild peril, it ultimately positions itself as family-friendly entertainment with positive messages about friendship, overcoming challenges, and the importance of standing up for oneself. This aspect can appeal to viewers seeking lighthearted and wholesome content.

Potential for a cult following: Despite its initial reception, the film has the potential to develop a cult following among viewers who appreciate its specific humor, nostalgic themes, and positive messages. Discussing this potential can spark conversation about the enduring appeal of certain films beyond mainstream critical acclaim.

Camp Hideout (2023) - Download Torrent


Noah, a rebellious teenager with a penchant for trouble, snags himself a coveted item from two dangerous city thugs. Seeking to evade their wrath, he stumbles upon Camp Hideout, a quirky summer camp run by the eccentric Falco and the spirited counselors, Jake and Selena.

Initially resistant to camp life, Noah clashes with the other campers and struggles to adapt. However, as he participates in camp activities and forms unlikely friendships, his hardened exterior begins to soften.

His newfound peace is abruptly shattered when the vengeful thugs track him down, determined to reclaim their stolen possession.

Noah faces a crucial decision: flee and leave his newfound friends vulnerable, or stand his ground and protect them from harm.

This dilemma sparks a series of hilarious mishaps and thrilling escapades as Noah and the campers band together to build a booby-trapped hideout and outwit the pursuing criminals. Throughout this adventure, Noah undergoes a transformation, learning valuable lessons about friendship, courage, and taking responsibility for his actions you can also use my animal(2023)

Camp Hideout

offers a heartwarming tale of personal growth, acceptance, and overcoming challenges. It reminds us that even in unexpected places, we can discover the importance of community, the power of friendship, and the strength found within ourselves.


. Industry Averages: While not specific to “Camp Hideout,” we can consider average production costs for similar films. Independent comedies typically fall within a range of $5 million to $20 million. This provides a general ballpark figure, but the actual cost could be higher or lower depending on various factors.

2. Cast and Crew Salaries: Analyzing the cast and crew involved can offer some insights. Corbin Bleu and Christopher Lloyd are established actors who likely commanded higher salaries compared to newcomers. Additionally, the presence of experienced director Sean Olson might have influenced the budget.

3. Filming Location and Scope: The movie was filmed in Franklin, Tennessee, which wouldn’t necessarily require extensive travel or elaborate sets, potentially keeping costs down. However, the scale of the production, including special effects or elaborate stunts, could significantly impact the budget.

4. Marketing and Distribution: While not directly related to production costs, it’s crucial to remember that marketing and distribution expenses also contribute to the overall financial picture of a movie. Knowing the extent of the marketing campaign and distribution reach could offer clues about the studio’s investment in the project.

5. Trade Publications and Analyst Reports: Occasionally, industry publications or analyst reports might offer estimations or educated guesses about production costs based on various factors. However, these are often speculative and should be treated with caution.

Camp Hideout (2023) - Download Torrent


Production Companies:

  • PZAJ
  • Called Higher Studios
  • Roadside Attractions (distribution)

Filming Location:

  • Franklin, Tennessee, USA


  • Sean Olson


  • Kat Olson
  • C. Neil Davenport
  • Dave DeBorde


  • Corbin Bleu as Jake
  • Amanda Leighton as Selena
  • Ethan Drew as Noah
  • Christopher Lloyd as Falco

Release Date:

  • September 15, 2023 (limited)

Production Details:

  • While the exact budget is not publicly available, industry estimates suggest it likely falls within the range of $5 million to $20 million, typical for independent comedies.
  • Filming took place in Franklin, Tennessee, which suggests potentially lower costs compared to extensive travel or elaborate sets.
  • The presence of established actors like Corbin Bleu and Christopher Lloyd might have influenced the budget due to higher salary demands.



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