In the Land of Saints and Sinners (2023)- download Torrent

Unique information of In the Land of Saints and Sinners (2023) movie

Setting: In the Land of Saints and Sinners (2023)- download Torrent film is set in a remote Irish coastal town, offering a distinct and visually captivating backdrop compared to typical action thrillers. This location adds a layer of authenticity and cultural richness to the story.

2. Liam Neeson’s portrayal: While Neeson is known for his action roles, this film explores a different facet of his acting. He portrays a haunted and conflicted character seeking redemption, showcasing a more nuanced and emotional performance.

3. Exploration of morality: The film delves into complex moral dilemmas faced by the characters. Finbar’s past as an assassin and his decision to confront the present threat raise questions about justice, forgiveness, and the consequences of violence.

4. Focus on Irish actors and talent: Unlike some Hollywood productions set in Ireland, the film features a predominantly Irish cast and crew, offering a more authentic representation of the culture and language.

5. Collaboration with Robert Lorenz: This marks Neeson’s second collaboration with director Robert Lorenz, following their work on “The Marksman” in 2021. Their established working relationship could potentially translate into a well-crafted and cohesive film.

6. Limited information: Despite its premiere at the Venice Film Festival, details about the film’s plot, critical reception, and wider release are still limited, adding an element of intrigue and anticipation for potential viewers.

Themes and Character Exploration:

  • Beyond Action: Finbar’s internal struggle and his desire to break free from his past add complexity to the narrative.
  • Focus on Supporting Characters: Supporting actors like Kerry Condon (Doireann) and Jack Gleeson (Kevin) reportedly deliver strong performances, portraying characters with their own motivations and complexities.

Critical Reception

  • Mixed Reviews: Early reviews at the Venice Film Festival have been mixed.
  • Limited Release: The film premiered at the Venice Film Festival in September 2023 and has not yet received a wide theatrical release..

Additional Points:

  • Soundtrack: The film’s score is composed by Diego Baldenweg, known for his work on “The Marksman” and other thrillers.
  • Cinematography: Tom Stern, who has collaborated with directors like Clint Eastwood and Ron Howard, serves as the cinematographer, potentially contributing to the film’s visual appeal.

In the Land of Saints and Sinners (2023)- download Torrent


Setting: The film takes place in the windswept, remote Irish coastal town of Glencolmcille, known for its peaceful atmosphere.

Protagonist: Finbar Murphy, a haunted ex-assassin seeking redemption, runs a local pub and lives a quiet life in the town.

Disruption: The arrival of Doireann McCann, a ruthless IRA fugitive, and her gang shatters the tranquility. They seek refuge in the town, unaware of Finbar’s past.

Inciting Incident: In a moment of vigilante justice, Finbar kills Doireann’s brother, triggering a chain of events.

Escalation: Doireann, fuelled by vengeance and grief, leads her gang to terrorize the villagers. This culminates in a horrific act of violence against a young girl, forcing Finbar to confront a difficult choice.

Confrontation: A relentless game of cat and mouse ensues, testing the resilience of the villagers and pushing Finbar to the brink of moral reckoning.

Resolution: The film’s ending remains undisclosed to avoid spoilers.


  • Redemption: Finbar’s journey grapples with seeking forgiveness for his past sins.
  • Morality: The film explores the complex choices individuals face in the pursuit of justice.
  • Violence: The consequences of violence and its impact on individuals and communities are a central theme.

Additional Notes:

  • The film stars Liam Neeson as Finbar and features other prominent Irish actors like Kerry Condon, Jack Gleeson, and Ciarán Hinds.
  • It premiered at the 80th Venice International Film Festival and is expected to be released on Netflix in the UK and Ireland you can also my animal (2023) 

In the Land of Saints and Sinners (2023)- download Torrent


1. Limited Release: The film had a limited theatrical release, suggesting a smaller budget compared to major blockbusters.

2. Independent Production: While the production company details are limited, it’s likely not backed by a large studio with deeper pockets.

3. Cast Salaries: Leading actors like Liam Neeson likely command significant fees, but the exact figures are unknown. Considering his established career and the film’s scale, his salary could be in the millions of dollars.

4. Filming Location: Shooting in Ireland wouldn’t necessarily incur the high costs associated with major metropolises, but location fees, permits, and crew expenses still contribute to the budget.

5. Marketing and Distribution: Even with a limited release, marketing and distribution costs can be substantial. This includes promotional materials, advertising, and distribution fees to theaters.

Based on these factors, it’s safe to assume that the production cost of “In the Land of Saints and Sinners” likely falls somewhere between the low end of the industry average for similar films ($5 million) and the mid-range ($15 million). It’s important to remember that this is just an estimate, and the actual cost could be higher or lower.

In the Land of Saints and Sinners (2023)- download Torrent



  • October 2021: Announcement of the film with Liam Neeson starring as an ex-assassin in an Ireland-set thriller.
  • April 2022: Kerry Condon joined the cast.
  • Screenplay: Written by Mark Michael McNally and Terry Loane, with revisions by Matthew Feitshans.


  • March 2022: Principal photography began in Ireland.
  • Locations: Primarily shot in County Donegal, with additional filming in Dublin.


  • Liam Neeson as Finbar Murphy
  • Kerry Condon as Doireann McCann
  • Jack Gleeson as Kevin
  • Ciarán Hinds as Vinnie O’Shea
  • Sarah Greene as Sinéad
  • Colm Meaney as Robert McQue
  • Desmond Eastwood as Curtis June
  • Niamh Cusack as Rita
  • Conor MacNeill as Conan McGrath
  • Seamus O’Hara as Séamus McKenna
  • Mark O’Regan
  • Valentine Olukoga
  • Bernadette Carty
  • Conor Hamill as Pat O’Donnell
  • Anne Brogan


  • Director: Robert Lorenz
  • Producers:
    • Simon Channing
    • James Flynn
    • Jackie Larkin
    • Brendan McCarthy
    • Bernie Mullins
  • Music: Diego Baldenweg
  • Cinematography: Tom Stern


  • September 6, 2023: World premiere at the 80th Venice International Film Festival
  • Distribution:
    • Netflix (UK and Ireland) – Release date yet to be announced

Additional Information:

  • The film was primarily financed by Ireland-based Metropolitan Film and the UK’s Altitude Film Entertainment.



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