Love Is in the Air (2023)

Dana Randall (Delta Goodrem) is the pilot for the tiny Queensland company which aids people in the remote area, both for the people living there and for visiting tourists. Her dad Jeff (Roy Billing) chides her for blowing off high-paying visitors to transport a resident’s dog (who had been bitten by a snake and would die if it did not receive timely medical care) to the vet, as their bills are mounting.William Mitchell (Joshua Sasse) is sent all the way from London by ITCM Financial, his father Duncan’s (Hugh Parker) UK investment firm, to the tropics of Australia to shut down Fullerton Airways. He’d researched companies they have been backing, and pinpoints the small, flailing, family-run seaplane business as ideal for liquidation as it lacks income. He’s given a week to visit the company, go over their financial in person and return to the board meeting to shut them down, proving to his father he’s ready to move up in the company. Duncan says that if William does a good job, he will be made Junior Director at the company.Nikki (Steph Tisdell), Fullerton’s airplane mechanic, pushes Dana to find time to date but she insists she’s too busy. Dana is dedicated to keeping Fullerton airways going as this was her dead mother’s vision and wish. The next morning, Jeff warns them a rep from ITCM Financial is coming for an inspection. Dana is asked to pick up Will from the ferry, and initially they have a testy relationship. Jeff goes out of his way to try and impress William. She is quick to defend their remote air support, although Jeff tries to downplay it. William says that Government subsidizes the cost of fuel for the remote air support flights. But since Fullerton Airways has only one operational plane, it doesn’t leave much room for profits.Dana whizzes Will around to a community off the coast of far-north Queensland to deliver parcels to people in need, which she visits every two weeks as otherwise they’d be totally cut off. The plane is 52 years old, and William is claustrophobic. Again, they convince him to accompany her on her rounds a second day. This time the engine kicks out, but luckily Dana manages to keep her cool and lands the plane safely. She fixes the problem and the plane flies again.Afterwards, having drinks in Fullerton, Dana’s ex Heath (Simon Brook McLachlan) sees her chemistry with Will and both he and Nikki encourage her to pursue him. So, they spend time together while crossing the tarmac, stargazing and sharing stories about their lives. Dana shares how much her family, and she are connected with the community. This is her purpose is life.A third day of helping Dana, and Will’s father loses patience with him. William was supposed to have audited the financial by now, but he hadn’t even started yet, as he was busy helping Dana. Will tries to convince Duncan that they were wrong to want to write off the small aeronautical company, but Nikki overhears. Dana is chewing out over the news when confirmation of an impending cyclone reaches them.Will helps Dana find an injured Jeff, who’d been trying to help others seek safety against the cyclone. The three-person staff of Fullerton Airways hole up with Will in the hangar’s storage room to wait out the storm. He pledges to fight for their company at his headquarters, as he cares about Dana.The next morning, after the storm has passed, Will helps Dana deliver emergency supplies to many remote locations. Working hard all day, by nightfall she has made peace with him. However, as they’re closing up the hanger for the night, Jeff announces that ITCM Financial has sent an e-mail, shutting them down immediately.William has returned to London and has been unsuccessful in swaying the board. Dana arrives unannounced, armed with a plan to revamp and expand Fullerton Airways. In response to Duncan’s negative response, Will resigns and offers himself to Dana to aid them in their expansion.ITCM Financial backs their endeavor, and Fullerton Airways is shown to have expanded and now has a more professional look, with Will happily installed there with the company and Dana, as the two had fallen for each other.

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