Mojave Diamonds (2023)

Mojave Diamonds (2023)

Mojave Diamonds (2023); Mojave Diamonds (2023) is an action/mystery thriller film directed by David Hackl and written by Mark Smith. It stars Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone, Chael Sonnen, and Gretchen Lodge. The film follows a former MMA fighter and his brothers who must rescue their kidnapped family from a dangerous crime syndicate after $50 million worth of illegal diamonds are stolen.


Roy, a former MMA fighter, and his brothers, Jake and Ricky, get entangled in a dangerous situation when $50 million worth of illegal diamonds are stolen. The diamonds end up in their hands, putting them in the crosshairs of a ruthless crime syndicate. To make matters worse, Roy’s wife and daughters are kidnapped by the syndicate as collateral. Now, Roy and his brothers must use their fighting skills and resourcefulness to track down the diamonds, rescue their family, and stay alive.


  • Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone as Roy: A former MMA fighter with a troubled past.

  • Chael Sonnen as Jake: Roy’s older brother and a successful businessman.

  • Gretchen Lodge as Jill: Roy’s wife.Mojave Diamonds (2023)

  • Brock Lesnar as “The Undertaker”: The leader of the crime syndicate.

  • Brock Lesnar in Mojave Diamonds (2023) movie poster

  • Anita Bryant as Agent Davis: An FBI agent hot on the trail of the diamonds.

Release Mojave Diamonds (2023)

Mojave Diamonds was released on VOD and digital platforms on October 6, 2023. It received mixed reviews from critics, who praised the action sequences and performances of the cast, but criticized the predictable plot and some of the dialogue.


  • Rotten Tomatoes: 33% approval rating from 3 critics.
  • Audience Score: Not yet available.


You can watch the official trailer for Mojave Diamonds here:


Mojave Diamonds is a fast-paced action thriller with a familiar heist plot. While it may not break new ground in terms of story, it offers some satisfying action sequences and solid performances from the cast. If you’re a fan of MMA or heist movies, you might enjoy Mojave Diamonds. However, if you’re looking for something more original or thought-provoking, you might want to look elsewhere.

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Reception of Mojave Diamonds (2023)

The release of Mojave Diamonds in October 2023 was met with mixed reviews. While some praised the action sequences and the performances of the cast, particularly the MMA fighters turned actors like Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone and Chael Sonnen, others found the plot predictable and the dialogue lacking.

Here’s a breakdown of the reception:

Critical Reviews:

  • Rotten Tomatoes: The film holds a 33% approval rating based on 3 reviews from critics. The consensus reads: “Mojave Diamonds offers some decent action sequences and a charismatic cast, but it can’t overcome its predictable plot and clunky dialogue.”

  • Voices From The Balcony: Reviewer John Serpe found the film “watchable” but ultimately disappointing, highlighting weak supporting characters and an anticlimactic ending. However, he praised Cerrone’s performance as “better than the last film Akbar directed, The Commando.”

  • MRQE: While commending the cinematography and some brutal fight scenes, the reviewer at MRQE criticized the overall editing and the use of a deus ex machina ending. They concluded that “Mojave Diamonds is better than a bad effort and is watchable, but could have been so much better.”

Audience Reception:

As of December 18, 2023, there isn’t enough data available to gauge the audience’s overall reception of Mojave Diamonds. No major review aggregators like IMDb or Metacritic have gathered a significant number of user reviews yet you can also use yify subtitles


While Mojave Diamonds may not be a critical darling, it offers some entertainment value for fans of action movies and MMA enthusiasts. The fight sequences are well-choreographed and the cast, particularly Cerrone and Sonnen, bring their own star power to the film. However, viewers expecting a fresh and innovative story might be disappointed by the predictable plot and some uneven execution.

If you’re considering watching Mojave Diamonds, it’s worth keeping these mixed reviews in mind and going in with tempered expectations. Ultimately, whether you enjoy the film will depend on your personal preferences for action movies and your tolerance for familiar genre tropes.

Trivia Mojave Diamonds (2023)

While Mojave Diamonds is a relatively recent film and information on its trivia may still be emerging, here are some interesting tidbits I could gather

Casting and Production:

  • MMA Expertise: The film boasts a cast with real-life MMA fighters Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone, Chael Sonnen, and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, bringing authenticity to the action sequences.
  • Directorial Debut: Asif Akbar, known for his writing and producing credits in action films like “The Commando” and “Dredd,” makes his directorial debut with Mojave Diamonds.
  • Filming Locations: Though the film revolves around the Mojave Desert, the majority of filming actually took place in Bulgaria.

Story and Themes:

  • Twist on Familiar Heist Plot: Mojave Diamonds (2023) The story takes the classic heist formula and injects elements of family loyalty and redemption into the mix.
  • Brotherhood Bond: Mojave Diamonds (2023) The central theme of the film revolves around the strong bond between the three brothers despite their contrasting personalities and approaches to life.
  • Hidden Depths: While on the surface it’s an action thriller, the film explores deeper themes of morality, sacrifice, and the consequences of past choices.

Behind the Scenes:

  • Stunt Work: Most of the fight scenes were reportedly performed by the cast themselves, lending a more realistic and gritty feel to the action.
  • Limited Budget: Compared to Hollywood blockbusters, Mojave Diamonds was filmed on a relatively smaller budget, adding to the challenge and creative ingenuity of the production.
  • Easter Eggs: Some eagle-eyed viewers have spotted references to other action films and MMA personalities throughout the movie, adding a layer of fun for fans to discover.

Critical Reception:

  • Mixed Reviews: While praising the action sequences and cast performances, critics were divided on the film’s predictable plot and some weaker dialogue.
  • Cult Potential: Despite mixed reviews, the film has garnered a passionate fan base among action movie enthusiasts and MMA fans, potentially setting it up for cult status.
Future Prospects.
  • Sequel Possibility: The ending of the film leaves potential for a sequel, but director Asif Akbar has not yet confirmed any plans for further installments.
  • Streaming Popularity: With the increasing popularity of streaming platforms, Mojave Diamonds might find a wider audience and appreciation in the future.

Remember, this is just a starting point for exploring the trivia of Mojave Diamonds. As more information becomes available, I can update you with additional details and insights.


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