The Animal Kingdom (2023) – Movie TORRENT

Unique information of The Animal Kingdom (2023) movie

Setting and Premise:

  • Unique Twist on Post-Apocalyptic Genre: The Animal Kingdom (2023) – Movie TORRENT Instead of the typical environmental or societal collapse, the film explores a world grappling with a mysterious wave of mutations that transform humans into various animal species. This creates a distinct atmosphere compared to other post-apocalyptic narratives.
  • Focus on Human Drama: While the animal transformations are central, the story emphasizes the emotional journey of a father, François, trying to save his wife and navigate this bizarre new world alongside his son.
  • French-Belgian Collaboration: It’s a co-production between France and Belgium, offering a European perspective on the sci-fi genre.

Critical Reception and Accolades:

  • Cannes Film Festival Opener: The film premiered as the opening film of the Un Certain Regard section at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, showcasing its critical recognition.
  • Award Nominations: It received a leading 12 nominations at the César Awards, the French equivalent of the Oscars, highlighting its impact on the French film industry.
  • Strong Critical Reviews: The film garnered generally positive reviews for its thought-provoking themes, emotional core, and unique visual style.

Other Distinguishing Features:

  • Limited Release: Released primarily in Europe, it may not be as widely known compared to Hollywood productions.
  • Language: The original film is in French, offering a chance to experience a different cinematic perspective if you’re open to subtitles.
  • Exploration of Identity and Transformation: The animal transformations serve as a metaphor for broader themes of change, acceptance, and the complex nature of human identity.

The Animal Kingdom (2023) - Movie TORRENT


Setting: The near future. A mysterious phenomenon causes humans to gradually transform into other animal species. Fear and prejudice prevail towards these “Beasts,” who are often ostracized and forced into hiding.


  • François: A father desperately trying to save his wife, who is undergoing transformation.
  • Émile: François’ teenage son, grappling with his own fears and uncertainties as the world undergoes chaos.

Story Arc:

  • Driven by Love: François embarks on a journey with Émile to find a rumored haven for transformed humans, fueled by his love for his wife and hope for a cure.
  • Facing Danger: Their journey takes them through treacherous landscapes and forces them to confront both external threats and the evolving dynamics within their family.
  • Exploration and Discovery: Along the way, they encounter diverse characters and situations, prompting them to question their preconceived notions about humanity and the nature of transformation.


  • Emotional Journey: The film primarily focuses on the emotional journey of François and Émile, their evolving relationship, and their struggles to navigate a world filled with fear and uncertainty.
  • Identity and Acceptance: The animal transformations serve as a metaphor for broader themes of identity, acceptance, and the challenges of adapting to change you can also use my animal (2023)


Estimated Budget Breakdown:

  • €7-8 million: This range likely covers physical production costs, including:
    • Location scouting and permits
    • Set construction and rentals
    • Props and wardrobe
    • Equipment rentals and transportation
    • Crew salaries and benefits
    • Cast salaries (though exact figures are confidential)
  • €3-4 million: This could encompass post-production costs:
    • Editing and visual effects
    • Sound design and music
    • Marketing and distribution materials

Financial Support:

  • The film received financial backing from the Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée (CNC), a French agency supporting film production.
  • The specific amount of CNC funding is not publicly available, but it likely contributed a significant portion of the budget.

International Co-Production:

  • Being a French-Belgian co-production, there might be additional funding sources or tax breaks involved, depending on the specific agreements between the production companies.

Overall Budget Comparison

  • Compared to major Hollywood blockbusters, “The Animal Kingdom’s” estimated budget falls on the lower end.
  • This reflects the film’s independent nature and European production context.

Current Financial Performance:

  • As of February 14, 2024, the film’s worldwide box office gross is $8,544,192.
  • While this doesn’t cover the estimated production costs, it’s still early in the film’s release cycle. Additional sources of revenue like VOD sales and international distribution might contribute to profitability.


  • Exact budget figures are often confidential and not publicly available.
  • Estimates can vary depending on methodology and sources.

The Animal Kingdom (2023) - Movie TORRENT



  • Development: Script written by Thomas Cailley and Pauline Munier, inspired by a novel by Catherine Dufour.
  • Casting: Director Cailley sought international talent, landing leading roles for Romain Duris, Paul Kircher, and Adèle Exarchopoulos.
  • Filming Locations: Shooting primarily took place in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region of France, known for its diverse landscapes.
  • Budget: Estimated between €13 and €15 million (approximately $14.5-$16.9 million USD).
  • Funding: Supported by the Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée (CNC) and benefits of the French-Belgian co-production.


  • Filming began in May 2022: Lasted 57 days, spread across three French departments: Landes, Dordogne, and Gironde.
  • Challenges: Complex practical and visual effects required meticulous planning and execution.
  • Focus: Balancing emotional core with large-scale world-building and creature transformations.


  • Editing and Visual Effects: Extensive work to create seamless integration of practical and digital effects.
  • Sound Design and Music: Crafting an immersive sonic atmosphere to compliment the film’s visuals and themes.
  • Marketing and Distribution: Building anticipation through targeted campaigns and festival selections.


  • World Premiere: Opened the Un Certain Regard section at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in May 2023.
  • French Theatrical Release: Debuted in October 2023, followed by international releases throughout 2023 and 2024.
  • Critical Reception: Generally positive reviews, praising its thematic depth, emotional core, and unique visual style.
  • Awards Recognition: Gained 12 nominations at the César Awards, including Best Film and Best Director.

Additional points you might consider for your article:

  • The film’s unique blend of practical and digital effects, achieved through close collaboration between different departments.
  • The collaborative spirit of the French-Belgian co-production, bringing together talent and resources from both countries.
  • The impact of the film’s production on the local communities involved in filming locations.
  • The challenges and triumphs of bringing a complex sci-fi narrative to life on a mid-range budget.


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