The Rope Curse 3 (2023)

Information of The Rope Curse 3 (2023)

The Rope Curse 3 (2023) Synopsis:

    • The Rope Curse 3 (2023) aspiring parkour influencer Guan Yu, who also comes from a family of exorcists, gets caught up in spooky events at an eerie hotel. He must use his skills and family knowledge to combat malevolent forces.

The Rope Curse 3 (2023)


  • The film was released in Taiwan in August 2023 and on Netflix globally in December 2023.


  • Reviews have been mixed, with some praising the atmosphere and pacing, while others found it predictable and unoriginal.

plot and themes of The Rope Curse 3 (2023) movie.


  • Gateway to the Supernatural: Guan Yu, an aspiring parkour influencer and descendant of exorcists, gets drawn into a haunted hotel, the Hotel Everbright. Unwittingly, he becomes entangled in the vengeful spirit Ah-Bao’s curse, trapped alongside other tormented souls.
  • Unraveling the Past: As Guan Yu navigates the crumbling hotel, he uncovers Ah-Bao’s tragic past through fragmented visions. Learning about her betrayal and unjust fate fuels his empathy and determination to break the curse.
  • Confronting Legacy and Fear: Throughout his journey, Guan Yu grapples with his family’s exorcist legacy. Initially resistant, he eventually embraces his heritage, honing his skills through training and ritualistic practices. This confrontation also compels him to face his own inner demons, mirroring Ah-Bao’s trauma.
  • Exorcism Showdown: The film culminates in a thrilling exorcism showdown where Guan Yu utilizes both his physical agility and spiritual knowledge to challenge Ah-Bao.
  • Redemption and Release: Through a heartfelt apology and the successful completion of the exorcism ritual, Guan Yu helps Ah-Bao find the solace she craved. She fades away, lifting the curse and freeing the restless souls trapped within the hotel. As for Guan Yu, he emerges forever changed, choosing to honor his exorcist legacy and use his skills to help others facing their own internal struggles.


  • Facing One’s Fears: Guan Yu’s journey is rooted in confronting both external and internal fears. He must overcome his initial reluctance to embrace his family’s past and delve into the dark secrets of the hotel. Additionally, he grapples with his own suppressed trauma, recognizing its connection to Ah-Bao’s suffering.
  • Family Legacy and Responsibility: The film explores the burden and power of inheriting a family legacy. Guan Yu initially struggles with the expectations placed upon him due to his lineage, but ultimately chooses to embrace his responsibility, recognizing it as a way to help others and connect with his ancestry.
  • Empathy and Understanding: One of the core themes is the importance of empathy and understanding. Guan Yu’s ability to connect with Ah-Bao’s pain and recognize her humanity becomes the key to breaking the curse. This highlights the transformative power of compassion and the necessity of looking beyond the surface of fear and resentment.
  • Breaking the Cycle of Anger and Suffering: The film delves into the destructive nature of unchecked anger and the cyclical nature of suffering.. Guan Yu’s act of empathy and breaking the curse symbolizes the possibility of interrupting this cycle and choosing compassion over revenge.
  • Embracing Your True Path: Guan Yu’s journey can be seen as a metaphor for navigating life’s unexpected twists and turns. He initially pursues a path driven by personal ambition, but through his experience at the Hotel Everbright, he discovers his true calling in honoring his family legacy and helping others. This underscores the importance of staying open to unexpected avenues and embracing the unique strengths one possesses you can also use my animal

Other Interpretations of The Rope Curse 3 (2023) movie

Social Commentary:

  • Critique of Influencer Culture: Guan Yu’s initial obsession with online fame could be seen as a commentary on the shallowness and fleeting nature of internet popularity. His encounter with the dark side of the internet, embodied by the haunted hotel, might represent the destructive consequences of chasing empty validation.
  • Class and Privilege: The contrast between Guan Yu’s comfortable background and the suffering of Ah-Bao, who was denied justice due to her social status, could point to a critique of societal inequalities and the impact of systemic biases.
  • Facing Historical Injustices: Ah-Bao’s story might resonate with broader narratives of historical oppression and the lingering trauma of unresolved injustices.

Psychological Exploration:

  • Jungian Archetypes: The film’s characters and elements could be interpreted through the lens of Jungian archetypes. Guan Yu could represent the “ego” navigating the dark underworld of the “shadow” (the haunted hotel), while Ah-Bao embodies the vengeful “anima” seeking resolution.
  • Facing the Unconscious: The haunting experiences at the hotel could be seen as metaphors for confronting repressed fears, traumas, and hidden aspects of the psyche. Guan Yu’s journey might symbolize the process of integrating these shadow aspects into a more complete self.
  • Existential Questions: The film’s exploration of themes like legacy, responsibility, and finding peace could spark reflections on life’s bigger questions.

Genre Blending and Metaphors:

  • Supernatural as Social Commentary: The supernatural elements of the film could be interpreted as metaphorical representations of contemporary social issues. The vengeful spirits trapped in the hotel might symbolize victims of societal neglect or injustice, while exorcism becomes a symbolic act of addressing and resolving these issues.
  • Coming-of-Age Narrative: Guan Yu’s journey can be seen as a coming-of-age story where he confronts his personal demons, embraces his responsibility, and discovers his true purpose. The haunted hotel serves as a crucible for this transformation, forcing him to confront his vulnerabilities and emerge as a more mature and self-aware individual.
  • Genre Hybrid: The film’s blending of horror, action, and psychological elements could be seen as a commentary on the blurring lines between different genres in contemporary cinema. This hybrid approach allows the film to explore complex themes and emotions in a fresh and engaging way.

production of The Rope Curse 3 (2023) movie

Ah, diving into the fascinating world of The Rope Curse 3’s production! This chilling film involved many talented individuals and interesting choices behind the scenes. Here’s what I can tell you about its production

The Rope Curse 3 (2023)

Director and Screenwriter:

  • The film was directed by Liao Shih-han, who also helmed the first two movies in the “Rope Curse” series. This continuity likely brought a deep understanding of the characters and themes to the production.
  • The screenplay was written by Vincent Lawrence, based on the novel “The Roar of the Crowd” by James J. Corbett. While the film is a horror movie, the source material being a boxing novel is an intriguing contrast, hinting at themes of facing challenges and overcoming personal demons.

Casting and Performances:

  • Chang Ting-hu portrays Guan Yu, the parkour enthusiast thrust into the supernatural. His athleticism and charismatic performance were crucial for bringing the character’s skills and vulnerability to life.
  • Hsuan-yen Tsai takes on the role of Li Hsin-yu, Guan Yu’s love interest. Her character adds a touch of humanity and emotional grounding to the narrative.
  • Miao Ke-lan delivers a chilling performance as Ah-Bao, the vengeful spirit. Her portrayal of the character’s anger and grief adds depth and complexity to the supernatural element.

Visuals and Special Effects:

  • The film utilizes impressive cinematography to create a haunting and oppressive atmosphere within the Hotel Everbright. The decaying interiors and flickering lights effectively build tension and suspense.
  • The parkour sequences are a highlight, showcasing Guan Yu’s agility and adding a unique element to the horror genre. The choreography and stunts are truly captivating.

Cultural Context:

  • The film draws inspiration from Taiwanese folk beliefs about “hungry ghosts,” vengeful spirits trapped in the earthly realm. This adds a layer of cultural authenticity and enriches the mythology of the story.
  • The themes of family legacy and filial responsibility.

Trailer of  The Rope Curse 3 (2023)

There are several options for watching the trailer for The Rope Curse 3 (2023):

Official Netflix Trailer:

  • You can find the official trailer for The Rope Curse 3 on Netflix’s YouTube channel

  • Be aware that there might be regional restrictions depending on your location.

Alternative Sources:

  •  These may be fan-uploaded versions or clips from the trailer.
  • Some movie review websites or blogs might also have embedded the trailer.

Additional Options:

  • If you’re looking for specific aspects of the trailer, you can further refine your search. For example, you could add “parkour scene” or “vengeful spirit” to your search terms.
  • Some websites might offer different versions of the trailer, such as a teaser trailer or a full-length trailer.

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